Customised solutions

As specialists in sheet handling, we always find a solution, no matter where the Palcut sheet dispenser is to be integrated into the packaging line. Seamless integration of the sheet dispenser and a very small “footprint” pave the way for savings from day one.

Reliable production

Down-time costs money. Precision, speed and a low error rate are vital on a packaging line. Lost sheets are a thing of the past with the Palcut sheet dispenser. The sheets are fed individually, so that the packaging robot only collects one sheet at a time and can place it on the pallet reliably. Collection always takes place at the same height. Switching to a different sheet size takes a split second.

Safe transportation

Optimal palleting and Antim anti-slip sheets – literally – lay the foundations for improved profits. Because fewer pallets with sliding goods mean reduced transport damage. Thanks to the Antim sheet, the structure will be stable and the pallet will be able to tilt by up to 50º. This makes for satisfied customers.

Innovation and product development

Palcut solutions are customised and developed in close collaboration with customers. The solutions are developed to meet the customer's needs based on our many years of experience of optimising packaging lines within a wide variety of industries.

Easy paper ordering and handling

Simplified work processes and reduced working time are a “must” in modern manufacturing businesses. Using the Antim interlayer sheet reduces the number of magazine changes by up to 90% and one roll can be cut into many different sheet sizes. This leads to simple routines, fewer stoppages and greater flexibility, and facilitates the work of the procurement department and reduces stock tie-up.

Adhesive strength and high quality in anti slip paper

The secret behind a stable pallet structure is the Antim interlayer sheet. The special patented coating ensures that the products will not slide on the pallet. The Antim sheet makes it possible to use thinner interlayer sheets, cuts film use and reduces the requirement for packaging at the same time due to the improved stability. This saves both paper and packaging materials.

World-class service

Up-time is everything. Palcut is renowned for its excellent service, which ensures a high up-time in production. Behind this service are dedicated staff and dealers in many countries. They offer a 24/7 hotline service, regular service inspections, etc.

Corporate social responsibility

All production enterprises are subject to many environmental requirements, and with ambitious CSR targets, the retail trade is imposing increasingly stringent requirements on suppliers. Palcut reduces the consumption of packaging materials by up to 30%, generates less waste and exclusively uses sheets which can be reused.

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