Liquim® anti-slip rolls

Liquim® has a slip angle of more than 50° when tilting the goods on the paper right away. However, if the goods have been resting on the paper for a few minutes before the tilting then the slip angle is more than 75°, which enhance the stabilisation of the pallets during transport even more.

  • Prevents the products slipping during transport
  • Stabilises the pallet during transport
  • Keeps the goods together without being wrapped tightly
  • Saves on palleting glue
  • Reduces the amount of shrink film
  • Protective surface, avoids scratches and shaking damage
  • Prevents liquid to go between the layers of the pallet
  • Environmentally friendly

The roll can be hung directly on the Palcut machine.



150 g/m², 200 g/m² and 300 g/m²

From stock:

1200mm wide, 150 g/m² (approx. 3000 m per roll)

1200mm wide, 200 g/m² (approx. 2000 m per roll)

1200mm wide, 300 g/m² (approx. 1500 m per roll)

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Silver - Condensation


Bronze - Wet pallets


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