Antim Light® anti-slip sheet

Antim Light® has a slip angle of more than 35°, which stabilises the pallets during transport.

  • Prevents the products slipping during transport
  • Stabilises the pallet during transport
  • Keeps the goods together without being wrapped tightly
  • Saves on palleting glue
  • Reduces the amount of shrink film
  • Protective surface, avoids scratches and shaking damage
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable.


150 g/m²

From stock:

750 x 1150mm, 150 g/m² (3800 sheets per pallet)

780 x 1180mm, 150 g/m² (3800 sheets per pallet)

Further information: 

For other grammages or formats, sheets are produced to order.
Call for more information.