Anti-slip paper: Now with 45% lower energy consumption!

09 December 2020

Palcut cuts 45% off the energy consumption in the production of their Antim® anti-slip paper, which is used as a pallet liner. This benefits their industrial customers, allowing them to reduce the CO2 footprint of their packaging consumption by 75 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Production Manager Poul Erik Primdahl at the production facilities, where energy consumption has been reduced by 45%. Production Manager Poul Erik Primdahl at the production facilities, where energy consumption has been reduced by 45%.

Palcut, a specialist in automatic palletising solutions, produces and supplies anti-slip paper for industrial palletising facilities throughout Europe. The company has always been thinking green and sustainably, and is now stepping up its efforts further.


Less energy for unique coating

The Antim sheets have a special anti-slip coating, which stabilises pallets during transport. It counteracts breakdowns and damage along the way, and at the same time reduces the use of packaging materials. But the coating process requires a lot of heat.

In Palcut's production line, 432 heating panels have been installed to cure the special coating on the anti-slip paper. Now, they have been replaced with a new generation of infrared, ceramic heating panels, where energy consumption is much less. At the same time, they can be controlled more precisely so that the distance between paper and heating panels can be reduced. This also helps to reduce energy consumption.


Strong CO2 reduction

The result is a large reduction in the energy consumption of half a million kWh annually, and at the same time the new controls mean that the quality can be controlled much more precisely, which has resulted in a sharp reduction in waste.

- We reduced our energy consumption by 45 per cent, so we save the environment 75 tonnes of CO2 per year, says production manager at Palcut Poul Erik Primdahl and states: We have been looking for a solution for a long time, and we have succeeded beyond all expectations,

The solution has now been running for a year, and is supported by the Danish Energy Agency through the pool for energy efficiency improvements in companies.

At Palcut, you feel that consumers are pushing for the industry to produce sustainably. With the new process, the company hopes to be able to help customers deliver sustainable products. As a market leader, Palcut is constantly working to develop environmentally friendly solutions that use recycled materials and reduce the need for packaging.

Palcut machines and anti-slip paper are used in palletising lines, primarily by companies in the beverage and food industry, the pet food market, the furniture industry, the chemical industry, etc. Among the customers are some of the world's largest dairies and producers of beverages and food.


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