Five reasons to swap corrugated cardboard on pallets for anti-slip paper on rolls

23 April 2019

Corrugated cardboard is a heavy-duty paper material which is still used in many palletising lines worldwide. Corrugated cardboard is used as an interlayer in the palletising of pallet goods in order to stabilise goods during transport, internally and on the roads. However, corrugated cardboard sheets require quite a bit of unnecessary and cumbersome handling, which can end up being very costly. Therefore, we have identified five good reasons to swap your corrugated cardboard sheets for anti-slip paper on rolls.

1 - Palletised corrugated cardboard takes up additional space during transport and storage

Sheets of corrugated cardboard are often precut to pallet sizes and generally come in pallets of 500-600 sheets. The relatively low number of corrugated cardboard sheets per pallet means that new sheets must be purchased more often, requiring extra space during transport and therefore also in storage, putting a financial strain on your business. Furthermore, there’s no getting around the fact that the sheet store must be refilled more frequently.

With anti-slip paper on rolls you can reduce your freight costs and need for storage space while also reducing your environmental impact. The rolls also have a diameter of 800-1000 mm and therefore last longer than corrugated cardboard on pallets, meaning less downtime due to having to refill the sheet store.

2 - Slowing speed as the robot looks for sheets

As the stack of sheets becomes smaller, the robot may slow down as it must continuously assess the distance to the next sheet of interlayer.

With a Palcut sheet dispenser, there is always just one sheet ready for the robot on the pickup table. The pickup position will always be at the same height, and the robot can therefore maintain its fast operation.

3 - Corrugated cardboard on pallets requires a lot of storage space

If your palletiser serves several different pallet sizes, your storage space might be full of pallet sheets in individual sizes. Pallet sheets - particularly in individual sizes - require additional storage space, which can be a costly affair.

With a Palcut sheet dispenser and anti-slip paper on rolls, you will be able to free up storage space, as the dispenser cuts the sheets to size as needed. Moreover, the rolls of anti-slip paper take up as little as a fifth of the space taken up by corrugated cardboard sheets. Henning Petersen, production manager at Aqua d'or (Group Danone), says: "Rolls of Palcut's Antim65® anti-slip paper only take up 10 slots. The pallets of corrugated cardboard took up 150 slots." This must be considered a quite remarkable reduction.

4 - Sheet waste due to incorrect pickup

Often, the robot may lift several sheets at a time as a result of suction passing through the sheets. This can result in sheet waste, either due to the robot palletising with twice the normal number of interlayer sheets or due to the robot dropping the excess sheets, which can trigger a time-consuming production stop/emergency stop.

With anti-slip paper and a Palcut sheet dispenser, you can completely eliminate the risk of your intermediate sheets being wasted as a result of the robot's powerful suction. A Palcut solution - anti-slip paper on rolls in combination with a Palcut sheet dispenser - ensures that only one sheet is produced at once, which is ready for the robot on the pickup table. The sheets are automatically cut as required, straight from the roll. The sheet dispenser can work incredibly fast so the robot is able to contonuously maintain the same speed.

5 - Time-consuming changeover of corrugated cardboard on pallets

When the sheet store of corrugated cardboard sheets needs replacing - either because it’s empty or because the palletiser needs to run a different pallet size - the system must be stopped before the replacement can be made for security reasons. This is time-consuming, and also costs money every minute the palletiser is unnecessarily inactive.

With anti-slip paper on rolls, you can switch between pallet sizes via the Palcut sheet dispenser’s control panel. If the paper roll is placed outside the robot's working area, the roll can also be changed without having to stop the palletising. This way, you can reduce changeover time and achieve non-stop palletising by switching to anti-slip paper on rolls.


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A non-slip solution

Common to the above five reasons is that they cause great costs, not only financially, but also in terms of time and environmental impact. But don’t worry, we have a non-slip solution for that - anti-slip paper on rolls!

Our anti-slip paper on rolls has a high-friction surface, which means that goods are even more secure during transport than when using corrugated cardboard. At the same time, the paper's great friction means that you can reduce the amount of stretch wrap around the palletised goods. 
In addition, the rolls of anti-slip paper are delivered with up to five times more paper than corrugated cardboard sheets on pallets. This means four things: 1) you don’t have to order palletising paper as often as you used to, 2) you free up space in your storage, as the paper rolls can take up as little as a fifth of the space, 3) changeover time is reduced, as the paper needs refilling less often because the rolls last longer, and 4 ) you are guaranteed maximum uptime with a Palcut solution.

Palcut A/S has more than 10 years of experience, and our aim is to realise your full potential by optimising your uptime, increasing your efficiency and reducing your costs.
"We've increased productivity by at least 15% using Palcut’s automatic sheet dispenser solution," said Kim Bøgh, production manager at Arla Foods, after switching from corrugated cardboard to anti-slip paper on rolls and a sheet dispenser.

Before you think that switching to anti-slip paper on rolls will require major and costly restructuring of your current palletising setup, you should know that a Palcut sheet dispenser can easily be installed where your sheet storage used to be. In fact, the machine only requires 230 volts in order to work in the old workspace.

Still not convinced?

We’re offering you the option of getting a standard Palcut sheet dispenser to try out for a three-month free trial! 
And, contrary to our expectations, if you don’t want to carry on beyond the trial period, your only cost will have been paper consumption.

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