Flex-Sheet for internal production of anti-slip sheets

22 May 2018

Palcut introduces the new Flex-Sheet which allows companies to produce own Antim anti-slip sheets

Palcut introduces Flex-Sheet. With Flex-Sheet, companies can produce Antim anti-slip interlayer sheets for manual palletisation – with optional sheet size and cut-off as required. A new app that makes ordering and inventory management much easier will also be introduced.

Flexible solution for manual palletising

Palcut Flex-Sheet produces individual spacing sheets as needed. It is based on the Palcut sheet dispenser, used for fully automatic palletising systems. Flex-Sheet cuts off interlayer sheets in 1/1, 1/2 and 1/4 pallet sizes – or optional from the width of the paper roll. It places the sheets on a pallet that can be transported to the packing lines.

The paper is Antim anti-slip, supplied on rolls of up to 5,000 meters and in different grades – from 90 to 400 g/m2. Further, Flex-Sheet is easy to place thanks to its small ‘footprint’.

– Many of our customers have packing lines that are manually operated. Here they need a solution where they can produce interlayer sheets internally at the factory, says Lars Østergaard Jonasen, Product Manager at Palcut, and continues:

– With a Palcut Flex-Sheet, they can cut sheets themselves for the various packing lines. The advantage is great flexibility as well as reduced need for storage space and paper in stock.

The Antim anti-slip paper typically replaces sheets made of heavy cardboard or corrugated cardboard. A special coating gives the paper anti-slip properties that stabilize the pallets and thus reduce the risk of transport damage.

Automatic ordering via new app

Open the app, scan the QR code with your mobile phone, enter number of rolls needed, and press ‘send’. Then Palcut's new app is already in the process of ordering Antim anti-slip paper to be used for the packing line. The app is introduced at the Milan exhibition and will ensure quick and efficient ordering of paper for interlayer sheets.

– With the introduction of the app, we help our customers ensure non-stop uptime for their palletising lines, says Lars Østergaard Jonasen.

The app is designed to be integrated seamlessly into the customer’s ordering system, thus supporting the customer’s automation routines.


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