Loyal employees behind success of pioneering company

01 March 2018

On 1 March, Sales Manager Preben Nielsen celebrates his 10th anniversary at Palcut

Preben Nielsen was brought to Dansk Mink Papir, as the company was then known, in 2008. His task was to sell corner protectors for pallets.  His previous job was in agricultural machinery sales, but previous to that he had worked for 14 years with glue and filler for the wood industry.

The concept of corner protectors didn’t really work out and his task was quickly changed to selling Antim anti-slip interlayer sheets and Palcut sheet dispensers for palleting lines in the food industry.

“We were real pioneers as we had to show the industry that we could increase uptime on the automatic palleting lines by supplying interlayer sheets on rolls in combination with the Palcut sheet dispenser, which we also had to invent,” says Preben Nielsen.

Preben Nielsen is now in charge of Palcut's markets in Denmark, Sweden and Poland as well as a number of east European markets. A large part of his job is to advise manufacturing companies on how to make better use of their palleting lines, including efficient management of interlayer sheets and building pallets that remain stable during transport.

“I’ve learnt a lot and finding solutions together with our customers is still exciting. That's why I’m still at Palcut after 10 years,” he adds.

They say that familiarity breeds contempt and that workers will change companies if they get bored. Fortunately, working at Palcut has never been a boring routine for Preben Nielsen and he has no plans to move. He still gets fired up when he manages to persuade a customer a problem can be solved, even when they never believed it. That’s what keeps him going.

“We’re a young company that is expanding and employing a number of new people who are gaining a lot of attention. But it’s important that we also show our appreciation to the loyal employees who have laid the groundwork and who know the customers. They’re worth their weight in gold and must be supported continually, says Rudi Pedersen.

“Preben Nielsen is a good example of an employee who, by treading a long and winding road with typical north Jutlandic persistence and humour, adds value both for our customers and is a flag bearer for us,” he says.


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