Palcut expands into Turkey to serve global strategic accounts

13 December 2019

Palcut A/S, enters the Turkish market. Emre Gökhan Gök will be responsible for Palcuts operations in Turkey. Palcut sees a big potential for their innovative solutions for packaging lines in the country's huge food and beverage industry.

Emre Gök will be responsible for Palcuts operations in Turkey Emre Gök will be responsible for Palcuts operations in Turkey

Palcut A/S, headquartered in Denmark, has monitored the market potential in Turkey for some time and now the company has chosen Emre Gökhan Gök as its agent to promote the Palcut line of machines and supplies such as Antim® anti-slip paper for automated palletising lines. The new partner will be responsible for consulting, sales and service in the Turkish market.

For Palcut, the new initiative is a strategic decision to support closer cooperation with its international customers, and Turkey is both an important market in itself and a steppingstone to reach the Middle East region.


Experienced Turkish partner on board

Emre Gök has extensive experience in sales and marketing operations in the area of coding printers, labelling machines, packaging adhesives, end-of-line-projects, and robotic packaging solutions in the Turkish food and beverage industry. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Istanbul.

- There are many big companies in the Turkish food and beverage industry with 2 and 3 working shifts per day. We can see that there is big potential for extensive automation based upon the use of intermediate layers for packaging processes. The unique Palcut Solution reduces the need for manpower and increases the uptime in the palletising lines, says Emre Gök.

- The Palcut Solution enables the industry to use their palletising robots more efficiently and they will become more environmentally friendly due to products like the 100 percent recycled, Antim anti-slip paper and less use of stretch films for the pallets, he adds.


Seventh largest F&B-industry in the world

Turkey has an increasing population of today 80 million inhabitants and is the seventh largest food manufacturer in the world, as the food and beverage industry covers 20 percent of the Turkish GDP. Several multinational food and beverage companies have production facilities in Turkey.

Other industries like the large chemical companies are also looking for more advanced and efficient packaging solutions. According to Palcut, the potential is promising for their advanced solutions that provide more uptime in the palletising process and less breakdowns of palleted goods during transportation.

The Palcut Solution includes a sheet dispenser machine that automatically cuts supplies like Antim anti-slip paper in the correct sizes for palletising. The anti-slip paper reduces the risk of transport damage dramatically and is made from FSC® certified recycled paper. The Palcut sheet dispenser can be customized to fit the customer's packaging and palletising lines.


Management: Huge market potential

- With 80 million inhabitants and a big food and beverage industry, the potential for Palcut is huge in the Turkish market, says Ola Tykesson, Partner Manager, Palcut A/S.

- We are happy that we are now able to serve our global strategic accounts in industries like food and bottled water. With our presence in Turkey, we can now support even more multinational companies in implementing their cross-border production strategies, concludes Ola Tykesson.



Further information

Ola Tykesson, Partner Manager, Palcut A/S
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Emre Gökhan Gök, Sales Manager, Palcut Turkey
Phone: +90 5336506725
Email: eg@palcut.com


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