Palcut interlayer sheets stand out in shops

16 April 2018

The Antim interlayer sheets with printed side pieces promote sales when the pallet with products and advertising text is brought into shops

Danish palletising specialists Palcut have developed their Antim interlayer sheets further and are now able to offer a new version, complete with printed side pieces as an integrated point-of-sale concept. The solution has been developed in cooperation with a major retail brand.

The revolutionary new concept was chosen for the special Pack Innovation-area at the Emballage Packaging fair in Paris. It was among 250 new products selected for the area as it is an original concept that gives a new dimension to pallet configurations in shops as well as simplifying and saving on workflows. It can be fully integrated in the automatic palletising lines at the manufacturer’s facilities.

Non-slip paper with advertising print

The Antim interlayer sheet acts as a stabilising layer on the pallets and can also be used for customer-oriented marketing. This is a cheap and effective way of creating extra visibility in shops where products are often displayed on pallets, and where more and more chains are limiting in-store promotion.

Simple handling everyday

The idea is easy to implement. The Antim interlayer sheet is cut longer than normal. This creates two side pieces which fold over the pallet edges and hang down the sides – over the products. The sheets can be printed with promotional text, logos and offers, and will be visible as soon as the foil is removed.

Effective merchandising in the shop

“Antim65 point-of-sale is a cheap and effective form of marketing branded products in shops,” explains Rudi Pedersen, Managing Director of Palcut A/S, and continues, “It saves precious time for everyone involved and gives brands greater visibility in these times where more and more shops are holding out against allocating space for sales displays and signs from suppliers.”

Rudi Pedersen also emphasises that the new global product is a complete concept consisting of the Palcut paper cutter and Antim non-slip paper, which is delivered ready for use with the desired print.

The Antim interlayer sheet with printed side pieces was developed for Nestlé and has undergone a period of testing in connection with bottled water on pallets. The visible sides of the interlayer sheet were used to advertise promotional offers.

The Antim solution is ideal for this type of time-limited and targeted campaign as it is extremely flexible. Outside campaign periods, suppliers use standard, neutral Antim65 non-slip paper, cut in the desired pallet width as normal.

Dispenser and paper in one solution

The Palcut sheet dispenser is part of the new solution. The dispenser ensures the rapid and precise feed of interlayer sheets when stacking products on pallets. As the name suggests, the solution also includes the Antim65 interlayer sheet with non-slip treatment which contributes to a stable pallet structure. This stability ensures that fewer pallets collapse and damage the products during transport.


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