Partnership for more uptime in palletisation

27 February 2018

Palcut and Imtec Srl, system integrator of palletising lines, have formed a strategic partnership

The vision is to increase uptime for the palletising lines in Italian manufacturing companies. At the same time, Palcut establishes warehouse for timely deliveries of interlayer sheets.

Palcut and Italian Imtec Srl establish a partnership on the Italian market. The cooperation means that Imtec in the future installs and integrates Palcut sheet dispensers in automatic palletising lines. Further, Imtec is responsible for servicing Palcut sheet dispensers.

Strong engineering partner
Imtec is a recognized system integrator in palletising lines on the Italian market. As specialists, they undertake installation, refurbishing, and service for a wide range of Italian companies within food, beverage, and manufacturing businesses.

Imtec is headquartered in Parma and is organized centrally in relation to the Italian industrial sector. Both parties have great expectations for the cooperation. "Imtec is a well-known technology partner for many Italian manufacturing companies. They know the plants and with their insight, they guarantee a fast and efficient service when it comes to packaging lines, "says Bjarne Sørensen, Chief Operating Officer of Palcut A/S.

“When Mr. Sammartino presented the Palcut solution, we immediately realized the potential of this project. Today, customers are constantly looking for both raw material savings and waste savings. Less raw material, less pallets, less handling, less transport, means less pollution,” says Bruno Pizzaferi, CEO of Imtec Srl. “Increasing the efficiency of production lines and being able to produce without interruption is not a small thing, and Palcut guarantees this. With this collaboration Imtec will guarantee the installation and maintenance of Palcut systems in Italy, ensuring an efficient service and further development in the Italian market,” he ends.

"We expect that, through cooperation, more companies will be introduced to Palcut's concept of stable palletisation and more uptime," adds Giacomo Sammartino, Sales Manager of Palcut in Italy.

Local warehouse established
Palcut experiences rapid growth in the Italian market, where the company has won contracts with several important brand manufacturers of food, beverages, and hygiene items. This requires steady and secure deliveries of Antim interlayer sheets and as a result, Palcut establishes its own warehouse in Italy.

The warehouse is in Modena, central in northern Italy. It comprises consumables for automated palletizing lines in the form of non-slip Antim interlayer sheets used in Palcut sheet dispensers. Interlayer sheets are manufactured at Palcut's Danish factory, and the warehouse is established in cooperation with the logistics company Alpi.

"Certainty and punctuality is very important to our customers. With the investment in a central Italian warehouse, we secure deliveries of interlayer sheets to their plants. We remove a lot of the uncertainty, caused by the increasing traffic load and traffic jams, which regularly hit transports through Europe,” says Rudi Pedersen. "With the new initiatives in the form of a new service partner and our own warehouse, we have secured a strong foundation for future growth in the Italian market," concludes Rudi Pedersen.


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