Positive test results for Palcut's Antim paper

13 March 2018

A renowned German testing facility shows positive test results for Palcut's anti-slip paper according to DIN EN ISO 8295

Palcut supplies anti-slip paper for stabilising finished products stacked on pallets. This ensures the best possible transport of the goods – both during internal transport by truck within the warehouse facilities, and externally by lorries and other means of transportation.

Palcut's anti-slip paper, Antim®, is available as both pre-cut sheets and in rolls for cutting. The anti-slip paper is available in all sizes to suit the relevant packaging/production line. Antim® paper has an extremely high friction coefficient. The advantage of this is that a pallet of finished products can be tilted at an angle of up to 50° without the goods falling off the pallet. The increased stability of the goods placed on Antim® interlayer sheets is also very noticeable during transport, where the pallet remains stable in the event of poor and uneven roads and hard braking.

Recently, Palcut asked a renowned testing facility in Germany to test the friction coefficient of its anti-slip paper, Antim65® and Antim Light®, which is used as interlayer sheets on pallets. The results were very positive.

The Antim65® paper has a friction coefficient of 0.92 for 110g/m2 Antim65® paper when placed on polished steel, which is the reference in this kind of test. The measurement is a so-called dynamic test that corresponds to a transport situation.

This is a good result, especially when compared to a standard rough cardboard box with a friction coefficient of about 0.4, and 0.1-0.2 for a smooth bag of animal feed, for example, placed on the same polished steel sheet.

"The test clearly shows that our Antim® anti-slip paper has a positive effect on palletisation and pallet stability. We are not just saying that," says Lars Østergaard Jonasen, Product Manager at Palcut.

Check out the test results in the table above, and contact us for more information about the paper and the benefits of switching to Palcut's Antim® anti-slip paper.


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