Two culture bearers celebrate their ‘copper wedding anniversary’ at Palcut

15 August 2018

Gitte Pedersen and Keld Emil Jensen celebrate their ‘copper wedding anniversary’

This summer, Gitte Pedersen and Keld Emil Jensen celebrate their ‘copper wedding anniversary’, a traditional Danish anniversary marking 12 1/2 years, with Palcut A/S.

Back in the autumn of 2005, Gitte Pedersen was taken on as a book-keeper  at Dansk Mink Papir, as the company was known at the time, while Keld Emil Jensen was appointed to sell paper products to the industry. She came from a similar job with a furniture manufacturer and he came from a job as a salesperson at Metsä Tissue. Both have been, and remain to this day, invaluable in the development of Palcut, both in their respective jobs and as culture bearers.

Gitte Pedersen soon switched from her job as a book-keeper to become sales coordinator within the department, which sold Antim interlayer sheets and sheet dispensers for palleting lines in the food industry. The department was subsequently split off into a separate company known as Palcut A/S, where she still performs the same role, partly as an order processor in daily contact with customers and dealers around the world.

Today, Keld Emil Jensen is responsible for Palcut’s markets in Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Much of his job involves advising manufacturing companies on how to make better use of their palleting lines. He works closely with customers to tailor solutions which increase the uptime and efficiency of customers’ palleting lines and ensure that pallets remain stable during transport.

“The brand has developed at an incredible rate. Firstly as an owner-led business with a short path from word to action when new inventions were to be tested and we were thrown into new projects, and then through to the present day – as a venture capital fund-owned business geared for international growth,” said Gitte Pedersen and Keld Emil Jensen.

“The business has had its ups and downs, but we have faced them with a positive attitude, an open mind and a down-to-earth approach. So life has never been boring at Palcut,” they say in unison.

The term ‘copper wedding anniversary’ is not entirely inappropriate as both employees celebrate 12.5 years at Palcut. Amongst their colleagues, Gitte Pedersen and Keld Emil Jensen are also known as ‘the married couple’. They are two determined and temperamental people who know what they want and have clear opinions which are often expressed in their mutual discussions. But always against the backdrop of a positive attitude.

This lifts the atmosphere and creates a good dynamic, where cards are laid on the table - to the benefit of colleagues and customers alike. This ensures that coming to work at Palcut is never boring, as one of their colleagues put it.

“We’re a young company that is expanding and employing many new people. This makes it important to have loyal and faithful employees who have helped to lay the foundations and who know the company’s customers well. Both celebrants are culture bearers in the most positive sense of the term,” said Rudi Pedersen, managing director of Palcut A/S.

Culture bearers are people who through their behaviour exert a positive influence on the behaviour of people around them, on opinions and traditions and on the working atmosphere that exists within the organisation.


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