Testliner PE

Linerboard PE is an interlayer sheet with a PE layer, but without anti-slip coating.

PE-coated sheets (coating on one side) are primarily used on pallets to protect against splashes, dirt and moisture.

PE-coated sheets are typically used in the production of products such as flour, milk, sugar, cement, paving mortar and other powdered products.


150 – 200 g/m² + 0,15µ PE

From stock:

750 x 1150mm, 150 g/m² (750 kg. pr. palle)

780 x 1180mm, 150 g/m² (750 kg. pr. palle)

780 x 1180mm, 200 g/m² (750 kg. pr. palle)

Further information: 

For other grammages or formats, sheets are produced to order.
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