Linerboard is a roll of interllayer without anti-slip coating.

Linerboard is double-layered paper produced from recycled fibre. The outer layer is made of the purest and longest fibres, giving the paper, amongst other things, good strength properties and an attractive appearance.

The roll can be hung directly on the PAL-Cut machine.


150 – 220 g/m²

From stock:

750mm bred, 150 g/m² (ca. 3500 mtr. pr. rulle)
1150mm bred, 150 g/m² (ca. 4000 mtr. pr. rulle)
750mm bred, 220 g/m² (ca. 3000 mtr. pr. rulle)
1150mm bred, 220 g/m² (ca. 2800 mtr. pr. rulle)

Further information: 

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